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Wednesday, 21 July 2010,

For over 20 years, Aisling Eyre's visionary approach to make-up has secured a client list of leading actresses, pop stars and models and made her the make-up artist of choice for fashion designers, photographers and famous faces.

Her long list of clients include the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Christina Aguilera, Duchess of York, Nadine Coyle, Boyzone and Blondie. From creating new trends to judging and winning awards, Aisling continues to be at the top of her game and today she is considered to be one of most creative make-up artists.

Georgina Heffernan: Tell a little about yourself personally and if you attended college or you are a self taught makeup artist?

Aisling Eyre: I'm a self taught make up artist and I fell into this career by chance. When I was in my twenties, some friends of mine asked me if I would do make -up on a professional photo-shoot. I suppose that I stood out because, at the time, I dressed like Boy George and wore very extravagant make up and clothes. I did the job as a favour to my friends but I must have impressed the photographer, Mike Bunn, because he asked me back on the next paid job - and that was that.

GH: What is your favourite or most exciting aspect about your job?

AE: The most exciting part of this job is, most certainly, seeing the results. I love working with brides of their wedding day because it can be a really special day I get brides who look in the mirror and they get really emotional when they see the end product. I find that end of things very rewarding. I love to exceed expectations and give my clients something really amazing.

GH: What's been the highlight of your career to date?

AE: The highlight of my career? I have to say that it's not so much working with the big names or the celebrities, but seeing what I've done and being happy with it. I love to do really creative work and that's what really excites me. Last year I did a job for Kazumi hair salon where I painted Venetian style masks on the models faces. I love Venice and visit the city regularly, so this was a dream job for me to do and I was just thrilled with the results. I love to be challenged as a make -up artist and the more creative that I can be the better.

GH: Who is your favourite celebrity client?

AE: I recently worked with Jedward and they were great fun! They are just such lovely guys to be around and there isn't a bad word that I could say about them. They are just so excited to be doing what they are doing and they just love their new found fame. I also really enjoyed working with Christina Aguilera. I liked doing her make-up because she had a really strong idea of the look she wanted, which was a scarlet lip and sensual eye-make up. If there is one person I would love to work with it would have to be Lady Gaga because she is not afraid to try something different and she loves to experiment. I would really love to create a look for her.

GH: How do you define beauty?

AE: I know it sounds like a cliché but real beauty comes from within, without a doubt. Beauty comes from the heart. I think that the most beautiful people are those with an inner sparkle.

GH: What individual products and brands you're "addicted" to at the moment and you use on a daily basis?

AE: I love products that offer solutions to problems. Arnotts stock an Australian brand called Model Co and they have an incredible selection of 'problem solvers'. They have a wonderful lip balm that makes your lips look glossy and smooth, filling any cracks or rough areas. It works really well under lipstick or gloss because it gives you an incredibly smooth finish. Other products that I am 'addicted' to are waterproof mascara and eyeliner - they're absolutely essential when you are making up brides.

GH: What do you find to be the most common mistakes women make with makeup?

AE: The worst mistake, and one that I see regularly, is panda eyes. A lot of women don't take all of their make-up off at night and they can be left with a residue around the eye area, which can build up over time. Also, many people neglect their lips, so I see a lot of dry flaky lips that are crying for a little lip balm.

GH: What are the differences between applying makeup on models and on real women?

AE: When I work with a model, I can do whatever I want with her face because I'm creating a character for either a show or a still photograph. The look is usually trend driven and I can do bold or creative looks. Working on normal women is totally different because you need to do a make up look that enhances their natural beauty and makes them look at their very best. I might do a bold red lip on a model or a bright blue eye shadow but I'd never do that, on a normal person because, chances are, they may not like it. That said, you do find women who are only too happy to try something different and they're great fun to work with. I always ask my clients what they like and what kind of looks they feel comfortable with because, at the end of the day, I really want them to be thrilled with the results.

GH: Would you share some of your future goals, your life motto, any words of wisdom that get you by in life and professional career?

AE: Just be yourself in your personality and be yourself in your own skin. If you are a bubbly, outgoing person don't change it. I have a very strong sense of who I am and I don't try to present someone that I'm not. Sometimes, people find it strange that I turn up for a job without any make-up on my face but that's just who I am. I want to be judged on the strength of my work - not what I look like.

GH: What tips and advice do you have for aspiring makeup artists just starting out?

AE: Practice a lot. Practice on anybody. Practice on your Mum, your friends, your aunt, your neighbours. Become familiar with different face shapes and make up brands - it's the only way that you will learn. It's also very important to be critical of your own work and it something doesn't work out learn from it. Believe if yourself and your abilities.

Aisling can be contacted for a consultation on 087-2475335 or by email at Your can also watch Aisling Eyre's Showreel here.

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Interview with Aisling Eyre by Georgina Heffernan,, July 2010

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